Anti-Sikh Propoganda by RSS Supported Hindu Terrorists & the BBC in response to Ban The RSS Campaign

Manmohan Singh Khalsa chairman World Muslim -Sikh Federation has said:

''This story is an typical example of anti-Sikh propaganda by Hindu terrorists in UK. Hindu terrorists have a communal agenda. BBC was a credible and respectable media worldwide, but it has become cheaper in recent times. This kind of anti-Sikh propaganda can only create tensions between Sikh and the Hindu community. Hindu terrorism and their propaganda is the main reason behind in growth of tensions between Sikhs and Hindus in India and abroad.''

  • ''Sikh separatists are receiving vital funding from the UK which could support renewed violence, police in India have told the BBC's File On 4 programme.''
  • ''Chief of the Punjab Police, NPS Aulakh, said money was reaching militants from British-based supporters via informal funding channels in the Sikh community.''
  • "Definitely some of the money was being used to fund militant activities in the Punjab,"
  • "The vast majority of Sikhs want nothing to do with them but they must take some of the blame,"
  • Some members of the Sikh community told File On 4 they fear the extremists could use Sikh temples the way radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza radicalised the Finsbury Park Mosque in London.

All these are allegations. Not even a shred of any solid proof. This is the BBC not Bajrang Dals or RSS propaganda mags. Recently the BBC has been staying away from the truth in the case india and Hindu terrorists eg:anti-Christian violence in india or anti -Sikh or anti -Muslim violence.

This seems like a response to the Ban The RSS campaign. The BBC has not taken any note of the campaign of a real terrorist group the RSS, but insted claims Panjab has an insurgency and Sikhs fund it from here. Is the BBC stupid? There is no armed insurgency in Panjab, so where do they get their information from? Indian Govt. stooges of the RSS, who hate the fact that UK Sikhs are exposing their activities and are showing the world what Hindu Terrorism is.

India's largest incident of sustained anti-Christian violence, which rendered thousands homeless in Orissa State, was preplanned.

The violence began on Christmas Eve, with an attack on a Catholic church in Brahmani village, and continued until January 2. Christian leaders told the National Human Rights Commission that

* 9 people had been were killed
* 90 churches burned
* 1000 houses torched or vandalized
* Thousands displaced.
*Hundreds have now died

If things stay the same British Broadcasting Corporation will probably have changed their name to Bajrangdal Broadcasting Corporation.
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